ImpulsaCultura Proyecta, la incubadora de emprendimiento de las ICCs alicantinas

Elena Gomis-Boix

In 2016 the Alicante city council, in particular the local development agency, detected that there was a group of people in our region with a special interest in culture and creativity and who also had great ideas for projects in this field.
Thus, a year later, the city council requested a study from a specialist in creative ecosystems. This study showed that there were, indeed, people who were not only interested in developing projects related to culture and creativity, but also in turning them into a source of livelihood. Moreover, there were players and spaces that promoted these activities.

Due to its success, in 2019, Gente became interested in this programme and co-directed the second edition of ImpulsaCultura Proyecta.

Thanks to this more ambitious edition, which lasted 12 months, 30 entrepreneurship projects were boosted through: specific training in business administration, project management and legal and financial aspects; a mentoring programme with experts; and the organisation of events or Demo Days to show those projects to possible interested parties, general public, buyers and investors.

As a result of this programme, 100% of the projects become companies or self-employed professionals, the vast majority of which are still running today.

The third and so far last edition took place in 2021, with a duration of 24 months supporting 60 projects. If we add up the number of projects already launched, we must aware that we have managed to create a community of almost 100 people working in this sector, who know each other and collaborate together.

In addition to the training programme, events and mentoring, the novelties in this latest edition were the creation of a marketplace, the implementation of innovation labs, the use of a digital platform for collaborative work and, the promotional videos that were made for each of the entrepreneurs. All of this can be accessed from the website.

From the knowledge we have today of boosting hundreds of entrepreneurial projects, we advise and encourage these creative communities to maintain close contacts with other entrepreneurs, always being open to generate synergies. All of this on the basis of a fair and intelligent relationship, in which all parties win.

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